Dean Valadez

Curriculum Vitae





2004             Boston University  | Boston, Massachusetts

MFA: Painting


2000             University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  |  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BFA: Painting & Drawing; Jewelry and Metalsmithing



Exhibition Experience


2014             Life, Love, and Death  |  Turner Hall  | by PresentMusic, a visual and music arts collaboration

Indiana Green  |  Frank Juarez Gallery and the Cedarburg Cultural Center  |  Sheboygan, WI  |  Invitational

WI Artists Biennial  | Museum of Wisconsin Art  |  West Bend, WI  |  Juried Exhibition of a survey of Contemporary Wisconsin Artists  |  Best in Show Award  |  Juror: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung


2013             Indiana Green  |  Frank Juarez Gallery  |  Sheboygan, WI  |  Invitational

Prints on Prince  |  Crossman Gallery  |  University of WI-Whitewater  |  International Print Exhibition.  Invitational


2012              Twain  |  The Art Foundation and Grey Matter Gallery  |  Dallas, TX.  Invitational

Unfinished  |  Effjay Projekts  |  Sheboygan, WI.  Invitational

Continuum  | Union Gallery  |  University of WI-Milwaukee

Time Arts exhibition  |  Walker’s Point Center for the Arts  | Milwaukee, WI. Invitational

                                Obscura  |  Effjay Projekts  |  Sheboygan, WI.  Invitational

Around 30  | Turner Hall  | by PresentMusic, a visual and music arts collaboration  | an exhibitions ‘for the brightest, most inventive young composers, musicians, designers, videographers, and visual artists in Milwaukee.

MARNSalon IV, Photo and Time-Based Media  |  MARN Gallery  |  Milwaukee, WI.  Invitational

Our Plastic Visage and the Rainbow Machine Complex  |  Sharon Lynne Wilson Center - Ploch Art Gallery |  Brookfield, WI.  Solo exhibition


2011              UWM Faculty Exhibition  |  Cedarburg Cultural Center  |  Cedarburg, WI

Milwaukee: A City Intersected  | Union Gallery  |  University of WI-Milwaukee, WI

Things on Strings  |  Milwaukee Artist Resource Network Gallery  |  Milwaukee, WI.  Invitational

Art Auction  |  Milwaukee Artist Resource Network Gallery  |  Milwaukee, WI.  Invitational

                                Group Exhibition  |  Walker’s Point Center for the Arts  |  Milwaukee, WI


2010             Revisiting Landscape: The Natural and the Artificial  |  Horicon Marsh Education Center  |  Horicon, WI.

Mapping Nowhere: A Conversation with the Hand Drawn Map Association  |  Arcadia University Art Gallery  |  Selections from From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association  |  Glenside, PA

                                Faculty Exhibition  |  Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design  |  Milwaukee, WI

                                You Are Here – Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City  |  Pratt Manhattan Gallery  |

                                    New York, NY  |  Curated by Katharine Harmon, co-curated by Kris Harzinski

                                One Hour Photo  |  American University Museum Katzen Art Center  |  Washington, D.C.

Pecha Kucha event  |  Sculptural-Performance piece using PowerPoint using Pecha Kucha as an Art     Intervention |  Bay View, WI.

                                S0niK Fest- Sonic Arts, New Media, and Performance  |  Climate/Gallery  |  Long Island, NY.


2009              The Plan is the Body  |  Big Chimney Gallery  |  Chicopee, MA

                                 Print  |  Tarrant County College District Gallery  |  Fort Worth, TX. Invitational  | 

 Curator: Joshua Goode

                                 Phosphene  | Borg Ward Collective Gallery  |  Milwaukee, WI  Invitational

 FlightBox  |  Milwaukee Art Museum  |  Collaborative Visual and Musical Exhibition organized by  PresentMusic 

 Peck School of the Arts Open House  |  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  |  Site-Specific Installation

2008              Faculty Exhibition  |  Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

The Quick: Contemporary Reflections of the Human Figure  |  Caestecker Gallery  |  Ripon College  Invitational  |  Ripon, WI

The Home Show  |  Woodland Pattern Book Center  |  Milwaukee, WI  Invitational  |

Curator: Fahimeh Vahdat


2007             The South Press Print Show |  Carillon Gallery  |  Fort Worth, TX  Invitational  |  Printmaking Exhibition

                                Bowery Gallery  |  New York, NY  |  Juror: John Walker


2006             Continuum 5(0)  | Institute of Visual Arts (Inova)  |  Milwaukee, WI  | Jurors: Josie Osborne, Graeme Reid of West Bend Art Museum, and Bruce Knackert of Inova

                                Faculty Exhibition  |  Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design


2004             Artists Who Teach  | Institute of Visual Arts (Inova)  | Alumni Faculty in the UW-Milwaukee Department of   Visual Art

                                M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition  | 808 Gallery  |  Boston University

                                Shift  | Commonwealth Art Gallery  | Boston University  | Solo exhibition


2003               In the Summer  |  Christopher Cerra Space  |  Dallas, TX

                                 The Copley Society of Boston  |  Boston, MA


2002               Artemesia Gallery  |  Chicago, IL  |  Solo Exhibition




Publications and Reviews


2012            Time Arts Exhibition  |  Third Coast Digest Review  |  Written by Judith Ann Moriarty  |  May 19

                        What I Didn’t See  |  Art Blog Review on my performative component of the Time Arts Exhibition |  Written by Pegi Christianson  |  May 25

                        Time is the Thread that Binds  |  Shepherd Express Review  |  Written by Kat Murrell  |  June 18


2011            RCP.MLK2000 – The Remix Issue  |  Publication of artwork and essay  | essay title The Chimerian Man: Notes on a Remix Culture  |  published by Random Culture Productions and Master List 2000


2010            From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association  | Publication of artwork, p.92-93  |  Princeton Architectural Press, 1st Edition  |  edited by Kris Harzinski

BookForum  | Volume 17, Issue 2, Utopia & Dystopia  |  Publication of artwork, p. 22-23   | Main essays written by Paul La Farge and Keith Gessen

Embodiment and Mass Communications: Cyber and Mechanistic Perceptions of the Body  | Revolution: Technology as Change Proceedings Publication for the 12th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology  |   Publication of essay, p.172-180  |  Published by the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College


2002                        New American Paintings  |  Number 41  |  Publication of artwork  |  2002 Midwest Competition

                                    Juror: Bill Arning, curator of the MIT List Center for Visual Arts    



Public Presentations: Symposiums, Lectures, and Workshops


2015            Panel Talk: Creativity and the Classroom: The Paradox of Creation? Panel Topic: The Assignment: From Problem Solving to Problem Forming  | Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Biennial Conference  | Lecture and presentation on the science and benefits of creativity and how to cultivate it within the classroom, in terms of environment, project rubric, and student involvement.


2013            Social, Participatory, and Performance Art  | Roundtable discussion with visiting scholar Wilhelm van Rensberg and local artists and educators in conjunction with the print conference Print MKE  |  organized by MARN


2012            “Creativity and Cognition”  |  YPO [Young President Organization] workshop and talk.  Lecture on the benefits and necessity of creative thinking and the arts in education and daily living.  Invited by YPO to lead a workshop for YPO members – YPO members are CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Chairpersons, or the equivalent of the chief operator of a company.  The workshop used guerilla printmaking processes as catharsis and as practical DIY card or image-making.


“Cognitive Dissonance: Aesop, Experience, and Effect”  |  Effjay Projekts, Artist Talk & Exhibition.


“Our Plastic Visage and The Rainbow Machine Complex”  |  Sharon Lynn Wilson Center, Ploch Gallery; Artist Talk & Exhibition.


2011            Panel Talk ‘Remix Theory and Remix Culture’- Panel Topic: Foundations and Media: Bringing the System On-Stream  |  FATE Biennial, St. Louis, MO. Panel Chair: William Hosterman, Department of Art and Design at Grand Valley State University.  Talk focused on media culture studies as tripartite relevance: visual literacy education; fine arts ancillaries; and conditions of postmodern reflection; presentation conflated them into one discourse with a focus on media ecology and remix theory within observational drawing pedagogy. Discussion included Mash-ups with brief notes in literature and music videos.


2010            “Reconstructed and Mediated Environments”  |  Horicon Marsh Education Center, Horicon, WI.  Presentation of Work and Lecture talk in dual exhibition with Rafael Salas, Art Department Chair at Ripon College and contributing writer for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s ArtCity.


“Embodiment and Mass Communications: Cyber and Mechanistic Perceptions of the Body”  |  Connecticut College, Ammerman Center, 12th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology, Lecture Talk and published essay on historicity of communications media and their cultural effects; Keynote Speaker: Pattie Maes, Assoc. Prof at MIT Media Lab


2008            “Swarm Intelligence and Superstructures”  |  Ripon College, Caestaeker Gallery, Artist Talk and Exhibition

“Swarm Intelligence and Superstructures”  | UW-Milwaukee Open House, Artist Talk and Exhibition


2006-07            “Bobby Digital: Self-Portraiture in the 21st Century”  | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Drawing Workshop. Cross-platform, mixed media processes engaged interactivity between traditional drawing and painting methods with contemporary visualization techniques and technological printing methods.


2004-05            “Drawing and Painting as Language - Figurative Inspiration”  |  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Drawing and Painting Workshop. Conventional drawing methods reconfigured in unconventional, non-sequential approaches, shifting into painting dialogues to encourage cross-platform interests within the paradigm of observed reality with the human figure in experiential space.



Professional Experience


2004-2014            Associate Lecturer  |  University of WI-Milwaukee

2012-2013            Associate Lecturer  |  University of WI-Whitewater

2006-‘11            Associate Lecturer  |  Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

2002-’04            Teaching Assistant   |  Boston University



Courses Taught


Drawing I  |  Line: Contour & Edge Control;  Compositional Basics: Rule of Thirds, Gestalt Psychology, Kinetic Forces;  Value: 11 Step Munsell Scale; Issues related to optics such as parallax;  Contemporary Drawing practices and concepts.


Drawing II  |  Continuation of Drawing I concepts and processes but with added emphasis on ideation development and Contemporary Drawing practices and concepts.


Introduction to Figure Drawing & Anatomy  | Line, Contour, Value;  Rendering and Identifying of Anatomical and Morphological Structures; Gestalt Psychology; Establishing the Figure in Contemporary practices and concepts.


Intermediate & Advanced Figure Drawing & Anatomy  |  Hybrid class using two separate curriculums; advancement of Rendering and Identifying of Anatomical and Morphological Structures; Advancement of the Figure with Contemporary practices and concepts.


2-D Concepts  |  Establishing the basics for 2-Dimensional imaging: Rule of Thirds, Golden Rectangle/Means/Angle/Ratio; Color Theory as it relates to color relationships, optics, and spatiality; Concepts & Processes: drawing, painting, photography.  Use of contemporary artists as basis of discussion and projects.


2-D Design Strategies  | (for Arts & Technology Majors)  Hybrid course of Drawing I and 2D Concepts, but with added emphasis of digital processes to facilitate color theory and Digital Media component.


Guest Critic for Advanced Drawing  |  Contributed towards critiques for Kay Knight’s Advanced Drawing course


Understanding the Visual I & II  |  Hybrid course on Visual Culture studies; Developed Student Critiquing Skills, Reading Comprehension of Art Theories and Criticism, Writing Skills, Portfolio creation and Slide Presentations


Visual Dynamics 2 – Honors Course  |  2D Concepts and Design; Establishing the basics for 2-Dimensional imaging: Rule of Thirds, Golden Rectangle/Means/Angle/Ratio; Color Theory as it relates to color relationships, optics, and spatiality; Concepts & Processes: drawing, painting, photography.  Use of contemporary artists as basis of discussion and projects.                                   


Painting I  |  Direct Methods; Color Theory as it relates to representational space using Chroma, Hue, Value; Observational Processes; The Contextual Still-Life and Object Semantics [creation of secondary meaning parallel to Painting as Language]


Painting II  |  Indirect Methods/Observational and Non-Objective Painting; Color Theory and transparent color mixing – glazing; The Kinetic Still-Life [an evolving and changing still-life to force change in a painting]; Color Study Project using Stop-Motion Animation


Advanced/Intermediate Figure Painting  |  Development of Anatomical Skills: Morphological Structure as is affected by the skeletal; Mid-Late Semester projects sought an understanding of the Contemporary Figure in art; readings and discussions on Post-Modern issues; Media Theory as it relates to figuration



Awards and Grants


2014                        Best in Show Award  |  Wisconsin Artists Biennial  |  Museum of Wisconsin Art  | 

                        Juror: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung

2013            Student Success Award  |  “for demonstrating a continuous dedication to the academic success of our learners as recognized by the students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee”

2011            Academic Staff Professional Development Award funding for lecture presentation at FATE conference in St Louis, MO

2003                        Boston University            

                                    Merit Scholarship

                                    Constatin Alajalov Scholarship

                                    Graduate Assistantship

                                    Robert Brooks Memorial Scholarship

2002                        Boston University            

                                    Constatin Alajalov Scholarship

                                    Graduate Assistantship

2001                        Visual Arts Milwaukee!  (VAM!) and The Milwaukee Arts Board grant for the group

                                     exhibition “Emulsion”

2000                        Northern National Art Competition. Donor’s Award

                                    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Rora Beck Art Scholarship

1999                        University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

                                    Art Department Scholarship

                                    Rora Beck Art Scholarship

1994                        University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Art Department Scholarship




Research/Activities/Public Interface


Research and essays on mass communication, mass media, and digitality and their cultural effects on societies.


Established Classroom without Walls, an online public collaborative project designed to cross geographical and institutional barriers, opening up pedagogy and visual projects to public            interface.


Established a Facebook component to Classroom without Walls, to explore social media as pedagogy and as artistic process.




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